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Suburban Health Organization is interested in collaborating with speakers for CME presentations / activities.  Please complete and submit the following information if you are interested in developing / presenting a CME activity.

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Reasons physicians may need education on the topic may include, but are not exclusive to the following.  Please provide as much information as possible.

  • New methods of diagnosis or treatment
  • New medication(s) or indications
  • Development of new technology
  • Quality Improvement
  • Decreased Risk
  • Other, explain

The following ACCME definitions are provided to assist you in selecting an activity type.

A Course is  a live CME activity where the learner participates in person. A course is planned as an individual event. Examples: annual meeting, conference, seminar.

An Internet Live Activity is an online course available at a certain time on a certain date and is only available in real-time, just as if it were a course held in an auditorium. Once the event has taken place, learners may no longer participate in that activity. Example: live webcast.

A Regularly Scheduled Series is a course that is planned as a series with multiple, ongoing sessions, e.g., offered weekly, monthly, or quarterly; and is primarily planned by and presented to the accredited organization’s professional staff. Examples: grand rounds, tumor boards, and morbidity and mortality conferences.

An Enduring Material is CME activities that are printed, recorded, or accessible online and do not have a specific time or location designated for participation. Rather, the participant determines where and when to complete the activity. Examples: online interactive educational module, recorded presentation, podcast.

A Performance Improvement CME is an activity based on a learner’s participation in a project established and/or guided by a CME provider. A physician identifies an educational need through a measure of his/her performance in practice, engages in educational experiences to meet the need, integrates the education into patient care, and then re-evaluates his/her performance.

Select the proposed activity types:
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Please provide any additional information to clarify the information provided above or to explain what you are proposing.