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Speaker Expectations

Suburban Health Organization (SHO) is pleased to welcome speakers for our CME activities.  SHO is an accredited provider of CME credits through the Indiana State Medical Association (ISMA).  Our activities are planned, implemented, and evaluated in accordance with the ISMA and Association Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) criteria and expectations.  We look forward to working with speakers to ensure all activities are of the highest standard possible.  Feel free to contact Terri Neaderhiser, CME Program Administrator, at 317-692-5222, ext. 283, or by email at cme@suburbanhealth.com, to discuss any questions you may have. We want to make this process as simple for you as possible.

All speakers will be contacted by the CME Program Administrator or designee to provide submission time frames.  The following information may be requested.

Name, Credentials, Position Title, and Organization you are representing (as you would like it to appear on the promotional and educational materials)

Biographical Information

Biographical information may be a brief introduction or biosketch that explains who you are, your education, and your expertise (qualifications and expertise to speak on the selected topic).

Disclosure of Relevant Financial Relationships Form

All speakers, planners, moderators, and facilitators are required to submit a completed Disclosure of Relevant Financial Relationships Form early in the planning process, but no later than two weeks before the presentation. Forms may be completed electronically and submitted via email to the CME Program Administrator at cme@suburbanhealth.com or may be printed, completed, and faxed to 317-692-5233, attention Terri Neaderhiser. A SHO representative will be in contact with individuals if any information appears to be in conflict with our Commercial Support or Conflict of Interest Policies to resolve the issue.  

Authorization for Photo/Video Release Form

Pictures or videos from events may be placed on SHO’s CME web site, or other media.  Speakers should complete and return the Authorization for Photo/Video Release Form to the CME Program Administrator at cme@suburbanhealth.com or the form may be printed, completed, and faxed to 317-692-5233, attention Terri Neaderhiser.

Presentation Title, Content Outline, Objectives, Time Frames, and Teaching Method

All CME presentations should be based on the needs assessments which identify the professional practice gaps of the intended audience.  As you develop your presentation, consider the following questions:

  • Is there a problem that needs to be addressed?
  • Why does the problem exist?
  • How do you know it is a problem?
  • What information will help resolve the problem?
  • How can the education change the learners’ competency, performance, or patient outcomes in the topic area?
  • What is the “take home message” you want to share?
  • What will the learners be able to do at the conclusion of the education?
  • What is the best method of providing the information?
  • Are the objectives action-oriented and measureable?
  • Can the objectives be accomplished in the time frame provided?
  • Can the objectives be accomplished using the teaching format selected?
  • Is the information balanced, independent, objective, and scientifically rigorous?
  • Is the information based on current best-practices accepted within medical profession?

A content outline form will be provided to you, but you are welcome to use a format of your choice.  One to two action-oriented, learner-based objectives are recommended per presentation hour. Speakers are encouraged to think outside of the box and to use teaching methods which engage the audience to participate, such as small group exercises, panel discussions, audience response systems, etc.

Competency-Based Outcomes Assessment

Speakers are encouraged to submit case scenarios based on the presentation topic with related pre- and post-outcomes assessment question(s) and multiple choice answers.  Questions should test the competency of the participant based on the new information provided.  Please be sure to include the answer key for the question(s). Make sure the question(s) will be covered in your presentation.

Follow up Strategy or Tip

Follow up strategies, tips, and tools will help reinforce information learned in the educational activity. Speakers are encouraged to provide a strategy(ies), tip(s), or tools that can be sent to participants following the CME activity to remind them of information learned during the presentation and to promote change within their practice. Examples include, but are not exclusive to, information that can be sent to participants in an email, a handout, guides, or references to additional reading.


Pictures may be used in promotional flyers and speaker profiles for select CME activities.

Equipment and Presentation Needs

Available equipment and supplies may vary from each location. Speakers should provide a list of equipment needs required prior to the presentation to allow for planning.

Speakers are requested to submit the following information no later than two weeks prior to distribution of the promotional flyer or a designated time frame provided during the activity planning. SHO’s CME team will review the information, discuss any concerns with the speaker, prepare the handouts for distribution, and load the presentation to a laptop. To ensure the integrity of presentations, speakers also may bring the presentation on a flash drive the day of the activity.  Any changes made to the presentation after submission must be brought to SHO’s CME team’s attention before the presentation.  

  • Electronic PowerPoint Presentation (or abstract, if no PowerPoint Presentation is planned)
  • Handouts
  • Copyright Permissions, if applicable
  • Practice Guidelines, if applicable
  • Reference List used to prepare your presentation, if applicable
  • Additional information to support presentation balance, objectivity, and scientific rigor, if applicable  

Speakers should be sure to read and follow SHO/ISMA/ACCME’s Statement/Rules, as listed on page two of the Disclosure of Relevant Financial Relationships Form, when preparing the presentation. Educational materials or information used in the education room cannot contain any advertising, corporate logos, trade names, or product group messages of a commercial interest.

SHO reserves the right to restrict or revise presentation information, including PowerPoint slides and handouts, or to cancel the presentation based on a conflict of interest that cannot be resolved or failure to comply with the SHO/ISMA/ACCME’s guidelines.

Electronic copies of PowerPoint presentations and/or handouts may be posted on SHO’s CME Web Site or distributed by e-mail. If you disagree with the distribution and /or posting of your presentation or handouts, speakers should notify the CME Program Administrator in advance of any concerns.