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Individuals interested in requesting CMEs for an activity, should contact Terri Neaderhiser, CME Program Administrator, as early as possible in the planning process. Terri can be reached by telephone at 317-692-5222, extension 283, or by email at

It is recommended requests be made no less than eight weeks prior to the planned activity date. Conferences, symposiums, and enduring materials (self-studies) may require additional time to plan and process for CMEs. Intake information will be collected and information will be provided on the steps required to certify the activity for CMEs. SHO’s CME team will make every effort to make the process as simple as possible. Activities certified for CMEs must be in compliance with SHO’s Policies and the ACCME’s Criteria, Standards for Commercial Support, and Policies. SHO reserves the right to withhold CMEs from any activity not in compliance with the regulations.

Individuals interested in requesting development of a CME activity are encouraged to review and/or complete SHO’s CME Intake Form. The form will help prepare for the intake discussion when planning an event.

SHO CME Intake Form (Docx)  (PDF)

SHO’s CME team currently develops the following event types. Individuals requesting other types should discuss the options with SHO’s CME Program Administrator.
• Live Activities
Conferences or Symposiums
Hospital-Based Activities
Regionally-Based Activities
Regularly Scheduled Series
• Enduring Materials (Self-Studies)
• Performance Improvement Interventions