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Suburban Health Organization (SHO) is accredited by the Indiana State Medical Association (ISMA), a recognized provider through the ACCME® to accredit organizations in Indiana to offer continuing medical education (CME) programs. As an accredited CME provider, SHO CME team is responsible for the development and oversight of CME activities to ensure the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) and American Medical Association (AMA) requirements are met. SHO’s CME program is designed to serve the professional and educational needs of physicians to promote life-long learning and practice improvement opportunities, and to be responsive to the health care environment. Our team develops CME activities that offer opportunities to improve the quality of patient care and health systems. Collaboration with non-commercial organizations is welcome.

SHO directly provides CMEs for activities developed in collaboration with CEOs, CMOs, CME Coordinators/Committees, Cancer Registries, Quality Managers, and Risk Managers at the following hospitals.
• Hancock Health
• Hendricks Regional Health
• Henry Community Health
• Johnson Memorial
• Major Health Partners
• Margaret Mary Health
• Rush Memorial Hospital
• Witham Health Services

SHO’s other hospitals (Franciscan, IU Health, Riverview Health, and St. Vincent Health) maintain their own CME accredited program.

SHO’s CME activities, in accordance with the ISMA and ACCME’s regulations, are planned, implemented, and evaluated by high quality standards in order to:
• Address a professional practice gap using identified educational needs of our physician audience
• Improve physician competency, performance, and patient outcomes
• Use desirable physician attributes in the activity development
• Address the ACGME, ABMS, IOM, and Interdisciplinary Education Collaborative Core Competencies
• Be objective, balanced, and free of commercial bias
• Present current, evidence-based medicine
• Align with SHO’s CME Program Mission Statement
• Incorporate multiple teaching formats and interventions based on adult learning principles
• Evaluate the effectiveness of the educational interventions
• Measure the designed educational outcomes

For more information on new event development, contact Terri Neaderhiser, CME Program Administrator, at 317-692-5222, extension 283, or by email at